Friday, May 15, 2009

I can see clearly now!

The view through the French doors to the deck looked like this:

The view out the kitchen window into the backyard looked like this.

The view through the front door looked like this.

All were lovely. But now that it's spring, I'm looking forward to this!

Parent Bloggers Network is looking forward to spring and even summer. They're also teaming up with Windex and looking forward to cleaning windows. My views would certainly improve if I did this more often. The last time I cleaned windows was Spring Break, when I washed the curtains and realized how grimy the underlying windows were! One chore led to another. Don't let that happen to you!

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Blogger Club 166 said...

I can't believe we both titled our blogs the same on Friday.

Some sort of time-space-blog continuum thing going on, methinks. :)


5/15/2009 8:37 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Yeah, it's 90 degrees here in Houston today. I might enjoy some of that snow about now... well, a little. :-}

5/16/2009 3:20 PM  
Anonymous ConnieFoggles said...

I have to show your photos to my dd. She's never seen snow and is just crazy about it. What a change of seasons. I'm not a big fan of snow but to see it and play in it again for a few days would be nice. Happy Spring!

5/19/2009 1:05 AM  

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