Friday, March 06, 2009

Ah, Friday. Friday!!

What a week! I found myself honestly including clip art in almost all of my emails. When I realized which search terms I'd used, I had to laugh. It was semi-hysterical laughter, of course, with the underlying, "How long is it until spring break??"
To reschedule a parent-teacher conference involving four staff members: circus. It's true: step right up! Take a look at the drama in the center ring as we try to meld four conference schedules and find one common time that fits the parent's (narrow) request!
I responded to an email from a co-teacher on the subject of another parent who is so in denial that she has one foot in Egypt: scream.

After we finally got across the tightrope of scheduling by working out a time with three out of four teachers, followed by a time slot when two out of four can continue if needed: relief. This search term got me a batch of buildings and maps, though, thinking of "relief" as texture or architecture, so I tried relax. That did the trick.

In response to a coworker having a rough week: "Could be worse; we could be out of coffee!" Of course, the keyword was coffee.

I wonder what will turn up in the email today? Hm, maybe I really don't want to know.

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