Friday, February 06, 2009

I can't post about that.

I can't post about what a tough day I had at work, followed by another even tougher day. But I can post about coping, and how my ever-loving husband helps keep my spirits up.

I can't post about the kid who made an obscene gesture before we'd been in school five minutes today and how he tried to lie about it. But I can tell you that the insulated coffee jug that Husband gave me for Christmas kept my beverage of choice warm on my desk while I filled out the discipline record form.
I can't post about the frustrations with schedules and trying to get into Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training. I can tell you that when I emailed Husband and said, "It's okay, I can take this during summer break or wait until next year" he replied within an hour telling me he'd be able to cover both training dates by working half days and meeting Amigo after school.
I can't post about the kid that is the major reason for my eagerness to renew any and all crisis training. But I can tell you that when I came home and started up my laptop, Husband led me to the link for outtakes on the etrade baby commercials.
Laughter truly is the best medicine.
Chocolate comes a close second, though.

As Valentine's Day approaches, I hope all of you have someone who builds you up when you're down, who won't let you drop out, even if it's just a training session.

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Blogger Jill said...

What a day! But a great post! You and Earth Muffin could probably share some great war stories. In fact, I think she has taught one of those classes you're talking about. She might be able to help.

2/06/2009 7:51 AM  
Blogger Staci said...

Yes I don't know what I'd do without my husband!

2/06/2009 2:59 PM  
Blogger Earth Muffin said...

I do teach CPI! How nice of Jill to give me a shout-out there.

I know all about these kind of frustrating days...I've had 3 in a row this week. I hope your weekend provides some much-needed stress relief.

Your husband is a gem!

2/06/2009 4:33 PM  
Blogger Eryn at said...

Thank you for doing the hard work for the kids, even when it's really really hard. Give your husband a hug :)

I enjoyed your entry to the blog blast this week.

2/08/2009 3:04 PM  

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