Sunday, January 04, 2009

Packer Pride helps the hungry

Green Bay Packer fans are proud people. We spend our Sundays (and some Monday nights) wearing green and gold, sporting hats that resemble wedges of cheese, and simply cheering on our team. Win or lose, playoffs or no playoffs, we still identify ourselves with the guys doing the Lambeau Leap.
Green Bay Packer fans take pride in other contests, too. Campbell's Soup's Click for Cans is going on right now. Here's how it works.
Click on "Vote Now" and then choose the contest that includes the desired team. Click on the appropriate helmet (yellow, with a big G), enter the code to prove you're not a robot, and voila! You've voted.
Fans can vote once a day.
The highest scoring teams will receive donations of soup for local food pantries. I drive past the Salvation Army headquarters on my way to work, and the lines and crowds there have grown noticably. Our local food pantry is getting fewer donations even as the requests for assistance increase. My own school's Adopt-a-Family program is serving fewer families while we'd rather be serving more.
I hope you'll help the Packers once again win the Click for Cans. But most of all, bloggy friends and acquaintances, I hope you'll take the time to make a difference. Soup can be a meal for a hungry family. Help those cans get where they're needed.
For more details on the contest procedure, look here.

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Blogger Margaret Cloud said...

This is a wonderful idea and food pantry's do need donated food, I am going to check out the link.

1/04/2009 6:57 PM  

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