Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaBloPoMoPhoBia: writers block

Let's see:


Kid is a teenager, complete with angst-laden life. Homework, social life or lack of, the latest music on the market, celebrity crush...I can drag a post out of something on this list. If nothing else, there's always the saga of his months on the stomach ache circuit.

Husband borrowed my minivan on Tuesday and I haven't driven it since. Is there a post there? Probably. I just hope he refills the gas tank before he gives it back to me.

Daughter has returned to the land of the normal now that the election is over. That is, normal for a college senior with a huge workload and a part time job on campus and an apartment to clean and bunnies to feed and care for....I'm sure there's a post there somewhere.

Work, a.k.a. school. No child left untested. Full moon. Indoor recess. Poor scheduling, leaving us to scramble, which ended up with math cancelled again.

Holidays!! We're hosting Thanksgiving again, so there will be stories. Hopefully all will go well and there will be no mishaps to report. And if those Thanksgiving Fairies do their jobs, it will be lovely.

The inevitable Christmas shopping, wrapping, and giving could provide a few posts, too. In fact, I need a bigger crate in the attic now that I've started stashing holiday gifts. I have plans to use the Amazon packing material for wrapping paper if I can get it to look decent...but Martha doesn't live here, so I'll wait and see.

Not to mention the unpredictable Sunday afternoon entertainment we call the Green Bay Packers....

As Amigo often says, "Mom, you should blog about this."

Writers' block? No problem.

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