Friday, August 22, 2008

Small Steps

Getting kids ready for school requires a lot of errands, a lot of preparation. Getting a teacher ready for school requires a lot of errands and even more preparation.

So far, I've talked on the phone with the principal and my partner teacher in fourth grade. We can't get into the rooms yet because the cleaning service hasn't moved the furniture in after the Big Summer Clean. I'm moving into a new room, so it'll take them a little longer to move mine. For the time being, I'm stuck working on things I can do at home.

I renewed my professional membership to the state reading association so I can continue to receive (and contribute to) their journal.
I bought the materials for my reading grant aimed at motivating less able readers (J. P., eat your heart out. This is the real world of motivating readers).
I organized a collection of materials for cut-outs and collages.
On a trip to Party America store, La Petite helped me pick out a few additions to my classroom decor. The theme is Treasure Your Learning, with an emphasis on treasure maps.
Tested vocabulary words are difficult for a lot of my students, so I created puzzles to help them practice and review these terms.
While watching Packer preseason football and Olympic swimming, I punched out a collection of bulletin board letters. I've owned these for years, and they're still useful, even in this day and age of computer generated banners and Microsoft Publisher.

And when the cleaning staff is done and the furniture is back in the rooms, I'll get my real "first day of school." I hope it's soon; there isn't much time left before the kiddos show up!

The topic "The First Day of School" is a suggestion by Parent Bloggers Network in conjunction with Hanes.
And don't forget to check out MidCentury Modern Moms; we're posting on the Back to School theme as well, and our kiddos aren't little cuties in ruffle socks and buckle shoes; they're more likely to wear Old Navy jeans and Converse All-Star Sneakers. Well, at least mine is.

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Blogger Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It is a lot of work to get that classroom and curriculum ready. Good luck.

8/22/2008 7:53 AM  

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