Friday, July 11, 2008

Teachers and Politics and More - oh, my!

You might be a teacher if - you find yourself correcting grammar, even in direct quotes.

"That work cannot be done if we do not have a Democratic president in the White House!"
-Sen. Hillary Clinton, quoted on Huffington Post.

This is a double negative. The statement would be much stronger in a positive sense. How about:
"That work can only be done if we have a Democratic president in the White House!"
Now the statement still has a passive voice in it: "...can only be done..." which will be stronger in active form. Consider: "With a Democratic president in the White House, we will meet these goals!" -or- "We will only accomplish that work with a Democratic president in the White House!" -or- "A Democratic president will accomplish these goals!"

Senator Clinton, you're one of the strongest women I know. Please work with your writers and keep your statements strong and clear, to make sure the media picks up the best and most important statements made by you. I mean, the best and most important statements that you make!


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Blogger Club 166 said...

Ha! You're so right about talking in negatives. I was giving a talk on communication a couple of weeks ago, and I illustrated how using negative words leave negative images in peoples' minds.

No matter how you feel about the man, think how much better Richard Nixon would have sounded if he had said "I am an honest man" instead of his infamous "I am not a crook"?


7/11/2008 3:23 PM  

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