Sunday, March 16, 2008

I look so great in that picture...oh, wait, it's not me.

But it could be me! It could be any one of the ten of us gutsy bloggers who contribute to Mid-Century Modern Moms. We take turns on weekdays, and any one of us with a keyboard and an idea can post on weekends. I have alternate Thursdays.
We're excited because we now have a new home and new domain name. We'll have a grand opening contest -- with prizes -- and we hope you'll come back again to read us and read some more. With ten of us sharing our adventures in raising teens and young college kids, there will always be something interesting posted. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, sometimes simply venting our frustration that makes us want to croak, "for this I went through thirty hours of labor?!!" Several contributors are published authors, meaning you can expect high caliber writing.
But seriously, check it out. And please feel welcome to come back -- many times.

The picture is actually Margalit, her angelic teenaged twins, and her lovely cat.

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