Friday, November 16, 2007

"live" blogging my morning routine

This started as an effort to chronicle my day, but real life took over. Here's as far as I got.

5:30, alarm goes off
5:35, feed rabbit, shower
5:55, showered and dressed, finish setting up breakfast
6:05, back exercises in den
6:15, wonder why Amigo isn't downstairs yet
6:17, Amigo comes downstairs.
6:20, breakfast, brush teeth
6:25, clear table
6:30, shoes on, coat on, go outside
6:35, wave goodbye to Amigo as he gets on his school bus
6: 38, pick up bags and get in minivan
6:45, return Amigo's books on tape to the public library
6:50, Jo to Go for 16 oz. hazelnut, no cream or sugar (the usual)
6:57 arrive at school
7:00- 7:15, deal with emails
7:15-7:40, stand at copier and make copies (Is this really a good use of my time?)
7:35, touch base with principal regarding student behavior concern, basically talk at her while she hurriedly took off her coat and ran off down the hall for a meeting
7:45, back at desk, trying to release pettiness of yesterday and focus on today
7:55, in library finding videos for social studies. Checkout computer isn't on yet, specialist and aide not in yet, left stack for checkout
8:05, reheated remainder of coffee
8:15, posted daily schedule
8:21, welcomed kids into building!

And at this point, I was too busy to list events for blogging the rest of the day. But it was a good kind of busy, the kind of busy that means being involved in teaching and learning and feeling like the day was moving along well. I even managed to get my gradebook nearly up to date.
Teaching is one of those fields where the work is never done. I can feel content when I've accomplished most of what is on my to-do list and still managed to teach all day. Today, I think I did that.
And now, the weekend. After this week? TGIF!!

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