Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ho-Ho-Ho, I predict a winning season!

By a score of 10-8, last week I actually won the prediction game! This week we started early because of the games on Thanksgiving, and we included the other family members who were here for Thanksgiving. As of noon Sunday, we're all tied -- except for Grandma. She insisted on being pessimistic and predicted Detroit to beat the Packers. Therefore, she remains one game behind the rest, because all of us, yes all the rest of us, chose Green Bay, Dallas, and then Indianapolis.

Today will be more interesting, with more variety. I'll report the scores as they come in -- our scores, that is. You can find the actual NFL scores on your own!

Hop, hop, hop, Touchdown!!
Sunday Afternoon Update:
Kid Brother 8
Sister-in-Law, La Petite, and Howie tied at 7
Amigo and Husband tied at 6
Grandma and Daisy, tied for last, with only 5 predictions correct. :(
Early Sunday evening update:
Kid Brother and La Petite tied at 10
Howie at 9
Sister-in-Law and Daisy tied at 8 each
Husband, Amigo, and Grandma tied for last, each with 7 predictions correct.
Everyone picked New England to win tonight, so while the numbers might change, the standing won't. Tomorrow could mix up the last two places; everyone picked Pittsburgh except Husband. If Miami wins, he'll move up a notch. Mind you, only a notch.

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