Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ah, the magical fifteenth.

I read Nina's post at Mid-Century Moms and thought how sadly common it has become for teens and young adults not to read. My teen reads for pleasure, but my college student doesn't read unless it's online. This struck a chord with me because I informally joined Melanie of The Refrigerator Door in her quest to spread the book-buying habit. Those interested in being a part of this project have a simple job: buy, then read, then review. Reviews and new titles are usually posted on the 15th of every month.

October's calendar was spilling over with commitments, so it's amazing that I even had time to pick a book off a store shelf and plop it on the checkout counter. Somehow, I managed to pick up three. I finished one and started the others.

I bought Nicholas Evans' The Divide because I enjoyed his other works so, so much. This book was shorter than the others, but every bit as dramatic and intense. It was haunting. Powerful. It'll stay on my shelf for future rereads.
I also bought Amerithrax: the story of the Anthrax killer. It's a heavy read at times because of the scientific detail, but that's also what makes it fascinating. I haven't finished it. I might have to wait until a break or even next summer to really devote some time and thought to it.
I've started Seabiscuit, too. I saw the movie, and when I see a movie based on a book, I usually like the books better. So far, so good. It sits on the table next to my rocking chair, and I've been reading at a relaxed pace when I can.

I'll find time to visit another bookstore soon. Amigo wants a Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift CD, and I think they'll have that in another dept. He and I can make it a team visit. I'll post my new reading material titles as soon as I buy them. Oh, and family? Books always work for my birthday...hint...hint....

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Blogger Scribbit said...

That does sound rather heavy, something my father would enjoy though.

11/16/2007 1:08 AM  
Blogger Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom said...

Good for you for actually reading the books you buy. My bookshelves are filled with books I've bought and never read. Damn bargain bins at Barnes and Nobles. Sigh. I guess my New Years resolution is set -- no more books until I read the ones I've got!

11/16/2007 11:03 AM  

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