Monday, October 15, 2007

Three for me, three for you

Melanie, a blogger and honest-to-goodness wonderful author, is stirring up interest in her Buy Three a Month mission. Her goal is to encourage readers to buy three books each month, then go to her blog and tell her about it. She wants folks to tell her which books they bought, and a month later she'll ask for short summaries and reviews of those books. This is for fun, folks, not for obligation. Buy paperback or hardcover, from the sale table or farther back in the store, but pick up three books for your very own.
Today is the fifteenth of October, so she posted her three for October along with short reviews of the three she bought in September. You can read about them here.
October is one of the craziest months in my teaching life, so I don't know if I'll get to the bookstore, much less have time to read three new books. I did, however, buy Nicholas Evan's The Divide. I've enjoyed his other books enough to read and reread them, so I'm hoping this one will keep me company by the fireplace on the long weekend after parent-teacher conferences.
So, Melanie, I may get out to buy two more, but if not, I promise to reread two I already own. I'll make it up in November. Or December. Or ... next summer? But no matter what, I'll keep reading.

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