Sunday, September 23, 2007

Funday Sunday

Oh, so the Brewers lost. Well, I "won" the ticket lottery (along with many, many other fans, I'm sure), but I still need to go online and hope I can get through the crush to buy tickets. That is, if there is still a game. I have a plan, though. I have a plan.
Meanwhile, Husband works the pre-game and post-game show today, so you won't see him on the sidelines. Amigo and I will hang out and rest and relax and cheer on the green and gold. La Petite bought brats to cook at her apartment. She's in the spirit.

Let's all hope for blue skies and good football weather!

Post-Game Update: Yeah, way to go Favre!!! Tied the record for touchdown passes! Hey, Donald Driver, how many receptions was that?! Wow!! All right!! Yay!! Hey, Internet, you heard me cheering, didn't you?!!

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