Friday, May 25, 2007

Waiting and working, working and waiting

Random thoughts on a Friday afternoon while working on the dreaded spring progress reports

  • for Amigo's new bedroom furniture to arrive (look forward to pictures in a future post!)
  • for my late afternoon appointment at the podiatrist
  • on drafting individual written comments for each student
  • on copying grades to the reports in the old-fashioned low-tech way
  • wondering when elementary teachers in our district will get software to make this more efficient (middle and high school teachers already do)
  • on completing the social skills and study skills part of each report
  • for my Hills Bros. instant double mocha cappuccino to get cool enough to sip
  • on nibbling a Memorial Day cookie (flag-shaped, with strategically placed red and blue sprinkles on white frosting)
  • for Husband to finish mowing the lawn so I can work outside on the deck
  • for La Petite to finish her shower
  • for the motivation to start writing math and reading grades
  • for Husband to finish the garden fence to I can play in the dirt, er, plant the rest of the vegetables


  • on getting back to the gradebook so I can play in the dirt all weekend. Woo-hoo! Cappucino's ready, here I go!

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