Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How many candles?

Silicon Valley Moms Blog celebrates its one year birthday today! So -- how many candles? 365 for the days? 1 for one year? 1269 for the number of posts? 3325 for the number of comments they've generated? They've even attracted the mainstream press to their Blogging world! How many candles does that warrant?

The team members of Silicon Valley Moms live a life quite different from mine. They deal with overpriced housing and wealth; I deal with a neighborhood that my boss calls a "slum" (it isn't). They deal with earthquakes; I deal with blizzards. They deal with an ever-changing economy based on a technological world; I live in a somewhat blue collar, yet scholarly, area. They chose between cheering for the Raiders, the 49ers, and the other West Coast teams; for me, well, Cheesehead says it all.

But when I read their posts, I realize we speak the same language. Much like moms with strollers will smile at one another anywhere, parents in the blogosphere understand each other. Happy one year anniversary, Moms of Silicon Valley! I lift my coffee cup to you.

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Anonymous Jill said...

Thank you so much for the warm wishes!!!!

Jill Asher
Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog

4/04/2007 12:31 PM  

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