Saturday, February 24, 2007

There's No Business like Snow Business

It all depends on where you live and who you ask.
--an email from La Petite, about 120 miles south of us:
"Last night Jimmy John's wouldn't even deliver to me. You know you're in Wisconsin when the most hard core places won't deliver because of the weather. Thing is, I didn't even think it was that bad. "
--from one of our local newscasts:
"In Wisconsin a severe storm bore down that meteorologists warned would last through the weekend, bringing howling winds and up to 27 inches of snow or more in parts of the state."
"Heavy snow and gusty winds will impact areas from eastern Colorado, through west-central Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota, to much of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Lower Michigan. Areas including North Platte, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis and Madison could see a foot or more of snow. "
--from a conversation while supper was being prepared:
me: "I should take before, during, and after pictures for my blog."
Husband: "You're making too big a deal out of this."
me: "Aren't we supposed to get a lot of snow?"
H: "It's not going to be the storm of the century."
me:"Well, it's going to be dark soon, so if I'm going to take a picture, I should do it now."
H: "It'll be a very boring series. We're not going to get that much."
me: "Darn. I was hoping for a snow day Monday."
H: "Don't count on it."

Unfortunately, I think he's right. The radar shows a cookie-bite shaped cut-out over our neck of the woods. I think the rest of the state, including La Petite's campus, is getting pummeled. We're going to get just enough to shovel. I guess I'll go play with the barometer instead of the camera.


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Blogger MOM-NOS said...

The good news is that a hot drink in a cool mug will feel just as great regardless of how much snow you get. Stay warm!

2/24/2007 9:38 PM  

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