Monday, February 05, 2007

Funday Monday

Yes, it's TOO COLD for school to be in session! So I am wide awake, having fed the bunnies and turned off Amigo's alarm. Husband is off for work already, and La Petite is sleeping until I wake her for her doctor's appointment.
Some of my favorite bloggers are reacting to the Super Bowl. Surprisingly (or not), very few are talking about the game itself.
Mocha Momma comments on Prince's halftime show, especially his, um, headpiece.
Mir wonders if she'll ever be credible again if she un-grounds her kids to watch the game (and its commercials) with her.
I think many of the others are sleeping in or drinking coffee while their kids snore.
I'll go on record saying that I enjoyed the game. The sheer number of miscues, odd for a game of this magnitude, made it exciting. When the Colts pulled ahead for good, the game excitement waned, but watching Tony Dungy get showered in Gatorade (as though he wasn't already soaked!) was pretty cool. He really deserved this win. What took Peyton Manning so long to finally smile? Didn't he realize he earned his Super Bowl ring at last?
Commercials? Bud Lite was disappointing. Budweiser itself was okay, with the dog wanting to be a Dalmation, but it didn't quite reach the level of the donkey wanting to be a Clydesdale. Oprah and Letterman? Yes, we laughed.
Doritos. Now Doritos had a couple of effective ads. These were the kind that held us to the screen wondering what was coming next. Sorry, Doritos, I still don't like your chips. Your sales won't change.
I liked Coke's classy spots, emphasizing the longevity of their product and its place in U.S. history.
Chevy? Hey, the college freshman who won with her car-wash design is a University of Wisconsin student. Amidst this cold and snow there are many creative minds!!
But my favorite, the one that made us laugh out loud and keep on laughing, was the NFL spot. If you didn't stay on the couch for the two minute warning, you missed a good one. As hard as it may be, I guess I'll have to put the cheesehead and the singing Packer in storage for the off-season. My fleece, however, is still warm and cozy for days like today.

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