Monday, January 29, 2007

Trivia perhaps; trivial, no

This year's Trivia contest was pretty laid-back at our house. That is to say, we played, but didn't compete, so we didn't sweat it when we couldn't get a question in on time or if point totals were off a little. We slept at night instead of taking shifts to cover the entire 50 hours. We didn't make any unusual long-distance calls (that's another story) or bother our family and friends for questions in their specialties.
But this year's Lawrence Trivia -- Amigo and Husband have made friends at the radio station in the past few years. They willingly do double shifts answering phones, a very important job, so the Trivia Masters love to see them coming. Amigo even did a stint on the air on Sunday. He's added up more than his fifteen minutes of fame by now, if Trivia Weekend counts!
As for answering questions ourselves, sometimes a team effort works best. Da Boys were sitting at the computer Saturday evening listening and researching questions and calling in the answers as quickly as they could. The question gave a long medical term for an illness, and then mentioned that the illness had caused the death of a famous person's mother. Husband typed it in as the Trivia Masters spelled it, then added "Killed Mother" to the search. He came up with Abraham Lincoln. I walked by at the moment, so he asked me if I knew the name of Honest Abe's mother. "Nancy Hanks, of course," I replied, and then walked on up the stairs singing that standard pieceof mezzo-soprano repertoire, "If Nancy Hanks came back as a ghost, seeking news of what she loved most..." In the background I heard Amigo giving his team name over the phone, meaning that he'd gotten it right and gotten in on time before the buzzer.
Ah, the memories we create playing this game... I'll give you more Trivia Stories, like the midnight phone calls, another day.

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Blogger Mocha said...

Can I have his number for when I do Trivia Night at one of our high schools? I just hope they don't catch me cheating. ;-)

1/29/2007 8:39 PM  

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