Monday, December 18, 2006

It was a night of small disasters.

Friday night, Amigo was going to a freshman basketball game at his school.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t find his wallet with his school ID in it.
Fortunately, the wallet turned up -- in the wrong pocket of his backpack.
Unfortunately, the doors to the hallway leading to the right gym were locked.
Fortunately, we were routed through the big gym past the ticket-takers to get there.
Unfortunately, I needed a ticket to get in, too.
Fortunately, I work for the school district, so my school ID gets me in to most games free.
Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of Amigo’s friends immediately.
Fortunately, he befriended a few fans in the stands with kids on the team. He then told me, “It’s okay, Mom, you can leave to run your errands.”
Fortunately, the high school dance team was sponsoring a book sale in the school auditorium. I got a few great deals at 50% off. Then I left for my other errands.
Unfortunately, I got stuck in a long line of traffic behind a big accident.
Fortunately, the detour was going the way I was headed anyway.
Unfortunately, it too much longer than planned to get there, so I didn’t get my package shipped after all.
Fortunately, I did pick up what I needed for my class’ goodie bags, and had a good handful of change for the red kettle on my way out of the store.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know how long the game would last, so I hurried back.
Fortunately, I arrived in the last five minutes of a dramatic finish.
Unfortunately, the team lost, 46-42.
Fortunately, I ran into an old friend on our way out.
Unfortunately, the fire alarm started blasting as we were talking.
Fortunately, we were parked nearby, so we left quickly to avoid any ensuing chaos.
Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.
And all in all, we had a good night.

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Blogger Mocha said...

Honest to God. This sounds like a typical night. Same stuff. Always...

12/18/2006 5:09 PM  

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