Monday, December 11, 2006

Hi honey. Gee you look nice today.

That's what the subject line read on my email last Friday afternoon. I immediately wondered what he'd done and why he might need to resort to flattery.

Here's the rest:
"A bunny was the pet-saver segment (on the noon news) today. Sadie is 2 1/2 yrs old; same species as Tiny; family was moving and had to give her up; was an indoor family style bunny; more history yet to come from the shelter. She's sitting on my desk here waiting for me to bring her home. I've got her for the weekend on a "trial" basis.
(Please don't kill me)"

Ever since Beast died, the little Tiny one has seemed lonely. We've moved him into the house, but he and Peanut (the house bunny) didn't hit it off. We gave up and moved Tiny into Amigo's bedroom so he could roam the upstairs while Peanut roams the first floor. When we introduced the lovely Sadie, Tiny would have nothing to do with her, getting all territorial and feisty and resistant to having a new friend. We were surprised; Tiny has never been an "only" bunny. He's always had Beast at his side. Since Tiny wouldn't even give her a chance, we were discouraged. We set Sadie's cage in the dining room.
Were we ever surprised when Peanut, our aggressive and often anti-social bunny, came over and sniffed at her. Sadie poked her head out of the cage, and they nuzzled. They've had a few moments of agitation, mostly setting limits for one another, but Sadie has allowed Peanut to be dominant bunny and has even shared her food with him. He has been more than tolerant, even friendly in his own furry little way. They began getting acquainted little by little, and we felt we could allow them to "hang out" in the dining room as long as someone was there to supervise.
Well, it's Monday, and we've decided to extend the trial period for the remainder of the week. This has potential.
And Sadie's awfully cute.

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