Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who are these Bloggers, anyway?

Motherpie would like to find out. She invites all bloggers to take her survey anytime between now and December 6. It doesn't take long, and the question are simple and logical. For more information, check out motherpie's blog explaining her project, and then take the survey.
When I search on my own, I tend to stick to those like me: parents, moms especially, autism blogs, and the various blogs on those writers' blogrolls. Lane's Randomizer has exposed me to many, many others. I've browsed college students, professors, people nearby, and people round the world. In fact, I reinjured my mouse wrist having too much fun online. (Don't tell Husband. Oh, well, he probably noticed anyway.)

I enjoy blogs that make everyday events exciting and fun. I come back to those that connect with me in some way: a similar situation, an ongoing problem, or simply someone who touches me in some way. I've made virtual acquaintances (dare I call them friends?) who live lives very different from mine, yet share my outlook on life.
And then the timer goes off, I stop waxing philosophical and stir the casserole for supper. Blogging is wonderful, but real life still trumps the virtual!

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