Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Things I’ve learned from participating in NaBloPoMo:

I still can’t figure out how to add a logo to my sidebar. Sorry, Yoda. Text link, yes. I guess ads will have to wait.
Coming up with topics to post wasn’t a problem. If nothing interesting was going on in my life, I posted another coffee mug & its story. Nothing going on? That rarely happens in my life.
Love Thursday is as much fun to post as it is to read. Go to Karen at Chookoloonks for more. If I can figure out how to load the logo, I’ll join her “Nice Blog” community as well.
Many other blogs have the same template I do. That either means I share their good taste, or I’m too lazy (or cheap or inept) to create a unique template and banner. Nah, must be the first one.
I’m more interesting some days than others, but there are bloggers that are even less interesting than I am!
Life can be more interesting through the eyes of a writer thinking, “Hey, I could blog this.”
Stat counter has been interesting.
Most of my readers turn up in the evening and overnight.
Now that both my teens read the blog regularly, I have to be cautious how I talk about them.
Connecting with other bloggers, mommybloggers and otherwise, has been a gift. It’s great to read others’ posts and find out that I’m not alone.
There are many progressive moms and dads out there expressing themselves through the blogosphere. It’s reassuring to read and hear from other like-minded folks, especially since I live in a rather conservative town.
Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Kennedy, it’s been fun!
Thanks, too, to Lane for the Randomizer. What a great way to sample the participating blogs!
(Um, yes, I know there's one more day. I'm not done yet!)

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