Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mugs and Memories

This coffee mug is a big one. I use it when I want a little extra coffee or tea or a hot cocoa with all the fixins. It's special in two ways. The back of the mug, shown in the top photo, advertises the Mielke Institute, an opportunity clothed in 3 graduate credits for local teachers of all ages, kindergarten through high school. The Mielke Foundation pays everything: tuition, meals, materials, the works. During the week, about 25 - 30 participants focus on a theme and work with college professors to examine that theme and how it relates to teaching every day. It's an amazing week of learning, thinking, and analyzing, and comparing notes with other teachers.

The other side of the mug shows Lawrence University, the campus where the classes and seminars are held. This part is extra special because I attended LU (not that long ago, the dinosaurs no longer roamed the campus). Husband, my college sweetheart, can also look over the drawing, too, and reminisce about our days on this lovely campus.

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Blogger Mrs.Chili said...

Oh, MAN! That sounds like a GREAT time! Where, exactly, is this university? I might be interested in looking into it...

11/05/2006 11:08 AM  
Blogger QuillDancer said...

I want to take this class!

11/05/2006 7:07 PM  

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