Thursday, November 16, 2006

Love Thursday -- on Wednesday

Yesterday I came home from my conference in Mad-town to find Husband with a fresh haircut. I was so jealous! I've been way overdue for a cut, not just a trim -- so much so that I couldn't see through my bangs any more. They were hanging down to the tip of my nose.
He greeted me with a big grin and said, "You're going in at 5:00." Oh, what a sweetheart! He made an appointment for me. How thoughtful.
Then he followed up with: "You're getting a cut, color, and massage." Before I regained the power of speech he added, "And it's all paid for already. Enjoy."
Yes, he was grinning wildly.
Yes, it was awesome.
And yes, every stylist in the salon was envious.
And they darn well should be! (Deep, heavy sigh, big smile)

Love Thursday was created by Karen at chookaloonks.

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