Sunday, October 22, 2006

random thoughts on a long drive on back roads

Street names noticed:
Harmony Circle
Is there a Melody Lane nearby?
Triple Kay Road
Is this someone's example of creative spelling or did three women named Kay really live here?
Homestead Drive
I wonder how many of those are in our fair state? It's very descriptive of our history.
Twinkle Star Road
What, no "little"?

General observations:
Small towns are a lot prettier than the Big Giant Box Stores and their companion strip malls.
Variety is the spice of life, and the variety of homes and farms and other buildings provides a lot more aesthetic enjoyment than "clone" subdivisions.
Fewer speeders, manic passers, and Road Ragers drive the back highways. Drivers seem more patient.
A sign that says "48 Waterfront Acres for sale" might not be posted on the actual waterfront. At least, I hope the tiny marshy stream wasn't the "waterfront" they were selling.
Trails that parallel the highway were largely unused today, probably because it's that season in between: too cold for summer passtimes, not cold enough for snow activities.
There are many, many shades of brown in the world. Whoever decided that brown was boring never lived in Wisconsin. Pale dried cornstalks against deep brown soil, lighter brown bales of hay, weathered unpainted outbuildings, and more exist on this route. And even this late in autumn, there are many shades of green around as well.
I enjoy the drive to take La Petite back to school after a weekend home. The view from the driver's seat is, well, priceless.

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