Wednesday, October 04, 2006

germ phobia

I am becoming Monk. Not the musician/composer, but the television character played by Wisconsin Native Tony Shalhoub.
One of my students became ill and went home yesterday with a sore throat and headache. After I got her settled in the office and told her to rest, The Worry Monster kicked in. Should I sanitize her desk? Her locker? Wash my hands when I handle her papers? Rearrange the desks so she doesn't breathe on anyone when she comes back? What about the other students that were in a noon meeting with her? Watch them (and myself and the other teacher involved) for symptoms? Get tested for strep? Beg on bended knee for the school nurse to advise me? All of the above? None of the above?
Surf the internet for remedies? Stock up on disposable antibiotic wipes? Buy more tissue boxes?
I keep guzzling home remedies like Airborne and eating fruits and veggies that are high in vitamin C. I use my own hand sanitizer probably too much.
So -- has my paranoia gone too far? Only time will tell. If I stay healthy, I'm probably doing all of the right things. But just in case, I'll stock up on the herbal teas and vitamin Cs and prepare a substitute folder for my desk at school.


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