Friday, October 06, 2006

Anniversary of sorts

I should have celebrated this 5 posts ago. Of course, "shoulds" are bogus. This post (today, right now) is my 105th post on Compost Happens. How time flies!
I started the blog as self-expression and self-therapy, if there is such a word. I love to read and make time for books, but I don't make time to write. When I do make time to write, it feels SO good! In that way, the blog has definitely met my expectations.
My immediate family reads it, if not regularly, at least now and then. A few local friends and extended family read as well. But as for other readers, I'm not sure. I put a stat counter on just last week out of curiousity, and I found more lurkers than I expected. I'm not on the level of the Famous Mommybloggers or the BlogHer crew, but I do get a respectable number of readers each day. Even though I blog for myself, the idea of an audience pleases me.
I started A Mother's Garden of Verses when I put up this post because I kept thinking, "I have a poem that expresses this so well. But it doesn't really fit the format of the blog." I knew that would happen again, so I set up the other blog as well. I don't update it nearly as often as this one, but every now and then I put up a new poem or an old one that I like. They're all mine -- don't blame anyone else if they're poor work -- but give me credit if you like them. :)
I've enjoyed reading others' blogs, too. I plan to update my links or set up a blogroll when I get time (uh-huh, yeah, right) to send people who read me to those from whom I gain inspiration.
Thanks, blogosphere. I'm here to stay. I hope all yous (that's Wisconsinese for y'all) enjoy the ride as much as I do.

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