Saturday, September 30, 2006

weather and a moody weekend

We had beautiful weather for a while today. We headed downtown on the city bus to mingle with the crowds and have lunch at a charity booth on the main Avenue. It's fall festival weekend, and all kinds of things are happening. After we came home, and unluckily right after I cleaned the bunny litter boxes and set them out to dry, we had one of those "isolated" downpours. Fortunately, there was no lightning this time, just a wet bunny and an extra rinse cycle for the bunny boxes. Rainwater soft, just like the old commercials for fabric softeners! Or were those shampoo commercials? Never mind.
Last night Amigo was planning to go to his high school football game and a tailgate party beforehand. The rain and cold temperatures changed his mind. At first we thought about going bowling, and then Amigo had another idea. He was surfing the web, stumbled across the web site of a local blues singer, and found out the man was performing at a downtown coffeehouse for most of the evening. We decided to go there instead.
This was the perfect plan. Amigo had a wild berry smoothie, I had a big cup of freshly brewed Mexican decaf (mmmm), and we enjoyed good tunes and good atmosphere. Amigo didn't mind hanging out with his mom as long as he could introduce me to one of his favorite musicians. Blues and laid-back country were right up my alley last night. In the midst of the news (and with Husband gone south to help cover the story) I wasn't in the mood for anything too uplifting or exciting. This singer's style and attitude and intricate guitar work helped me relax and appreciate the small world that I live in.
All things considered, I guess a rainy, cool night wasn't such a negative thing after all.

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