Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Late, late, late

I have a pet peeve. No, it's not a cute and furry little pet peeve. It's something that irritates the heck out me and irritates Amigo (a.k.a. El Grande), too. We (he) had an appointment yesterday. The doc's office is out of town, about a forty minute drive. I left work and raced (as much as anyone can race through three school zones) over to Amigo's school to pick him up. We hit the highway immediately, and got to the doc's office at 3:55 for a 4:00 appointment.

I understand that offices of any kind can run behind as the day goes on.
I understand that any type of medical office can experience emergencies that interfere with timeliness.
I understand that things come up. Sometimes. Now and then.

40 minutes late. He saw us 40 minutes late. We had our 15 minute appointment, scheduled our follow-up, and were out the door.
40 minute drive, 40 minute wait, 15 minute appointment. Hold on -- that was more like a 12 minute appointment and 3 minutes to schedule for next time. And we arrived five minutes early. Any way you push the buttons, the math doesn't work.
Go back to the understanding mama of two paragraphs earlier. Where were we? Oh, yes. I understand that things come up. Sometimes. Now and then. But every time?! Every stinking time we come in? Does this clinic EVER run on time? This is typical, folks, typical. Never, ever has this doctor seen us on time or even close to it.
I plan to wait until I'm calm -- or maybe I shouldn't! -- and write the clinic. This is so...so unprofessional. So inconsiderate. So doggone rude! He has more education than I do, charges more per hour, holds more titles than I do, but does that mean my time is worth so little? I'll answer that myself.
No. My time is worthwhile. My child's time is worthwhile. It's time to shop around for another doctor who will respect our time as well as our medical needs. Darn, I wish it were easier.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom - Ideas:

1) call the clinic before you leave and find out if they are on time.

2) make your appointment the first one of the day - no chance for them to be behind by then

3) get a doctor who's closer.

Hugs - R-C

9/26/2006 6:52 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Unfortunately, taking the first appointment of the day means taking time off from work and taking Amigo out of school. Calling the clinic ahead of time is worthwhile; it will also let them know we're concerned, each and every time we go. Thanks!

9/26/2006 6:58 PM  

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