Friday, September 22, 2006

The cold is going away. Thanks to a week of taking herbal remedies and not-so-natural remedies, I'm breathing almost freely now and I slept drug-free last night. Woo-hoo! I'm still exhausted.

The biggest disadvantage to spending a school week feeling under the weather is that I fall behind. My schoolbag is heavy, heavier, and heaviest tonight. Add to that the work I didn't get done while dealing with the trauma of a popular student moving away today (tears all around for the entire afternoon) and I don't even want to think about what's waiting on my desk for me Monday morning.

My to-do list will get done, though. A typical Saturday in the life of this teacher looks like this:
Wake up. Start coffeepot. (Notice how those two go together?)
Skim newspaper.
Sort laundry.
Start first load of laundry.
While first load washes, correct response papers from reading class.
Move wet, clean laundry to the dryer. Start new load in washer.
Correct comprehension test papers from reading class.
Fold clean, dry load. Rotate next load into dryer and add another to washer.
Score writing assessment papers.
Take periodic breaks from scoring to rotate more laundry through its cycles.
Analyze writing assessment scores.

Did anyone notice what's missing? This type of day is a work-at-home-in-pajamas day. I often stay in my "loungewear" until the laundry is done and I've let the water heater fill up again. Then, and only then, I shower and get dressed and feel presentable enough to go out in public. Some weekends I amaze even myself at how much I can accomplish in my pajamas! Hmmm...if I need to change careers, I should find one that lets me work at home in my pjs.

But in the meantime: next weekend, math!


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