Thursday, July 13, 2006

To-Do list for a Hot, Lazy Day

  • Sleep in.
  • Still in pajamas, feed bunnies.
  • Start coffee.
  • Eat breakfast (nothing fancy, of course).
  • Watch morning news (zone out over irrelevant stories) and drink coffee.
  • Turn on air conditioning.
  • Let dishwasher wash dishes.
  • Read favorite blogs.
  • Read book.
  • Shower. Finally set aside pajamas and get dressed in casual, lazy clothes.
  • Heat leftovers for lunch, avoiding cooking.
  • Bring minivan to full service car wash to let other people wash it.
  • Stop at bookstore and buy bag full of fiction books for future hot, lazy days.
  • Read book.
  • Take nap.
  • Take daughter to bagel shop for early light supper, avoiding cooking once again.
  • Answer text messages from traveling husband and son.
  • Attend study group meeting.
  • Okay, it wasn't all lazy. I did read the assignment for our study group and write up the accountability paperwork so we get credit for it.
  • Stop at the store to buy toilet paper (some things just can't be put off).
  • Come home, contemplate pajamas again, water plants, pick up book and zone out on Weather Channel until bedtime.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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