Wednesday, July 12, 2006

parenting and paranoia

The night before Da Boys left for their "business" trip, Husband sat down with a serious look on his face.
"You might think I'm paranoid when I suggest this."
"Um, suggest what?"
"I was thinking about taking a digital picture of El Grande and me in the morning before we leave to have in our luggage."
"Sure. Why?"
"Well, I think if we get separated, then I'll have a picture of him and what he's wearing that day. You know, I never know what anyone is wearing."
"And since he can't see, he won't be able to describe me at all."
"So, am I paranoid?"
"Dear, when you're a parent, there is no such thing as too paranoid."
"Okay. So, you'll take our picture tomorrow."
"No problem."

No problem -- except the camera strap kept falling in front of the camera when I was taking the picture, so we had to take four before it worked. Yikes! And we added Dad's cell phone number to the picture in El Grande's luggage.

Smile for the camera -- strap, that is!

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