Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Girls set goals

While Da Boys were gone, La Petite and I set a goal: to avoid cooking as long as possible. Many of you can identify, I'm sure -- only two of us at home, laid back atmosphere, no schedule to keep, yadayadayada...Here's our progress report.
Tuesday: Dropped off the boys at the airport. Breakfast was toast and coffee, lunch leftovers, and for an early supper we went to the chicken wing place because it was Tuesday, and wings were cheap. Mmmm. I could be talked into doing that again.
Wednesday: bkfst simple, ran errands all morning, lunch: tried out the new sub sandwich. Again, Mmmm. We shared a twelve inch because it was cheaper than buying 2 six inchers. So far, not only are we avoiding cooking, we're also finding bargains! I can live with that. Supper? good thing we had all kinds of leftovers in the fridge.
Thursday: Bkfst and lunch similar to Tuesday. Early supper at the bagel shop. Bought a half dozen to tide us over for the next few days' breakfasts and maybe even lunches.
Friday: does it count if I made tuna salad? The tuna salad sandwich at the sub shop was so good we wanted to make them at home. It took no microwave or stove action, just draining the tuna and adding a few goodies and a scoop of mayo, so it isn't really cooking. With a scoop on a slice of white flaxseed bread (from the Amish baker at the farmers' market), we have a delicious sandwich -- while still keeping to our goal.
Saturday: finished off the bagels. Picked up Da Boys at the end of their trip. Drive-throughs are useful (in moderation), so one more time we avoided cooking.

Success! I wonder what our goals will be next time the boys are away?

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