Friday, June 16, 2006

Have coffee, will travel

I like road trips -- most road trips. That's a good thing, because the phone rang just after 7:00 this morning with the news that El Grande, age 14, was sick to his stomach at camp and needed to come home. The nurse told me that she had already sent home 6 (6!) the day before with the same symptoms. He would be number 7 -- if no one else got sick in the meantime. So I left a note on the table for Sleeping Beauty (La Petite won't rise until she has to) and hit the road.
The first adventure was getting breakfast. The drive-through worker must have been new; he gave me no napkins. I am a sloppy eater, and eating while driving can be a recipe for disaster, or mass laundry at the least. I am mama, I can cope, so I spread my lap with tissues and continued on.
5 minutes into the drive, I realized that the highway was much busier than I'd ever seen it. Oh, yeah -- not only am I driving with the commuters, this is the alternate route for the nearby highway which is under construction and down to one lane in each direction. Duh!
10 minutes in, I saw a scene that looked like it was from a television cop show -- two cop cars, 3 officers in the act of arresting someone. No car for the suspect, though. Well... 2 minutes more down the road and there it was, just like on TV: a car stuck on the steep hill along the highway, no driver, and a third police car sitting on the shoulder of the road with its red and blue lights flashing. The "crook" must have been driving too fast, lost control, and then (in the category of stupid crooks) tried to run for it. And once again, the good guys won. The neighborhood is safe from at least one alleged criminal.
With the exception of more road construction ('tis the season), the three hour drive was pleasant. I finished my breakfast without a spill, found my Carole King Greatest Hits CD to keep me singing all the way, and reached the sick child mid-morning. He's home now, full of 7-up and a little of the pink tummy medicine, and hopefully all will be well and he'll go back to camp on Monday.
Maybe I'll bring my own napkins for that trip.


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