Monday, October 03, 2011

What to wear?

Most weekends it's easy. Pick something green and gold out of the closet, support our Super Bowl Champion (I never tire of saying that!) Green Bay Packers.

Friday I wore the usual to work - pink Packers polo shirt, neutral sweater in case the room was drafty. But then.... but then....

Saturday the Milwaukee Brewers started a playoff run. The Wisconsin Badgers had a big game on national importance. Brewers blue or Bucky Badger red? Or both? Or neither?

We expanded our Eating the Opponent plan instead. Saturday night's dinner included grilled Black Angus beef (the Denver Broncos), sweet corn on the cob (Nebraska Cornhuskers), and a nice salsa in the omelets we ate for lunch.

No matter, both teams won decisively on Saturday followed by another great set of games on Sunday. It's a good time to be a sports fan in Wisconsin. Whatever I wear, however we decorate the cubicles (Brewers and Packers in mine, Badgers across the wall in the math teacher's space), autumn is going to be fun.

Badgers 48
Cornhuskers 17

Brewers 4
Diamondbacks 1

Packers 49
Broncos 17

Brewers 9
Diamondbacks 4

On, Wisconsin -- sports!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Denver omelet?

10/03/2011 10:36 AM  

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