Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's not easy being clean and green

Simple weekend pleasures.
A long shower, warm water, not needing to rush to get ready for school.
In winter, showers are usually short so as not to over dry my skin. Today I took my time, breathed in the humid air (good for my recently healed sinuses), washed and moisturized. Don't worry, this is not a TMI (Too Much Information) type of post. I'm just reveling in the simple pleasure of being able to take my time.
I like to buy decent shampoos, salon products, but they cost more than the drugstore variety. This often balances out, however, with the quality. The EcoStore shampoo and conditioner in my shower are good quality, and therefore I only need to use a little. There are no fillers (their company goal is No Nasty Chemicals) so the small amount of shampoo I used was plenty to clean my hair.
Conditioner is a little harder. I have dry hair, and it's winter. That's not just any winter, but a harsh Wisconsin winter which equals dry, static-filled air and drier, static-filled hair. I ordered EcoStore's vanilla shampoo and conditioner because they're designated as being good for dry hair like mine.
I've been using Ecostore's vanilla shampoo and conditioner for a week, and the results so far are good. The conditioner is light and rinses out easily, yet detangles and smooths my thin fly-away locks. Poetic enough for you? It's all true.
Back to simple pleasures. A somewhat longer than usual shower, steaming up the mirrors, wasting water - I don't do this often. A little body butter afterwards, and I felt like a whole new person. I'm not the grungy mama in her sweats doing laundry any more; I'm the clean, green mama ready to plan the garden.
If only the garden weren't still covered by two feet of snow!

Ecostore sent me the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner to sample and review. The products are good quality and they shipped quickly; I'll definitely buy more from their company. Good variety, reasonable prices, effective products, and environmentally sensitive? Works for me.

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Blogger Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

you're an expert! I'll be back for more!

3/03/2009 4:44 PM  

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