Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stock up on drawers

Some days I think the world revolves around underwear.

When we started planning an actual vacation, I made a deal with my husband. "You take care of the big things, like reservations, and I'll take care of the little things. I'll make sure everyone has enough underwear." Yes, that's a little thing, but it's a little thing that matters.

Summer is approaching, and I'm making good on my part of the deal. I stocked up on underwear for the menfolk: Amigo's Fruit of the Loom and Husband's Hanes. La Petite has plenty; I stock her up every August before she goes away to school. So what's left? Socks and underwear for yours truly.

Taking care of ourselves isn't as easy as it sounds some days. I've been making packing lists, looking into gas cards that pay back in discounts or cash back, picking up and packing up the daughter and bringing her home from college, and working on progress reports for my students. Where is the time to buy anything for me? I think I need to force-fit it in.

The garden is in and fenced. It survived a late frost, and should start growing like a weed (oops, poor choice of words!) any minute now. I completed a large part of my progress reports today. The only subject left to grade is Social Studies.

For now, maybe I'll "force" myself to take a few minutes for me. Coffee, Sunday paper, pet the bunnies, sounds good.

But I'll keep the minivan keys nearby so I can head out to buy underwear as soon as the discount stores open for business today. Drawers in everyone's drawers, that's the key.

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Blogger Jill said...

Treat yourself to some pretty ones that make you look and feel good about wearing them! :-)

6/01/2008 1:32 PM  

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