Monday, February 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on Super Bowl Monday

My excuse for Starbucks this morning went something like this: I'd sure like to get a New York Times to see their sports section, so I might as well buy one where I can get coffee.

Wouldn't it have been fun to substitute signals in case the Pats were somehow still stealing? I suggest dropping in an occasional sign from American Sign Language saying something like, "Haha, you just wasted your time and your video. I just finger spelled my college fight song."

How about Bill Belichek leaving the field before the Giants could take their final knee? Poor sportsmanship, cluelessness, or did he just decide "Oh, well, now I can wash that filthy sweatshirt I've been wearing superstitiously all season. Might as well get at it right away."

Does anyone feel sympathy for the eldest Manning brother, Cooper, the one who no longer plays football? I kept wondering if he was in the skybox with Peyton, but the cameras were sticking with Big Brother Quarterback watching Little Brother Quarterback.

What's it like to be Mom Manning in a household with that much testosterone? Or is she just kind of like Wisconsin women, who know football and cheer as loudly as the men?

Did anyone notice if Jessica Simpson showed up? Did she know Tony Romo wasn't on the field? And in the same category, did anyone blame Giselle for distracting Tom Brady?

In our household, Bridgestone won the Most Creative Commercials award. Coke came a close second with its runaway (flyaway?) balloons. Gotta love it when Charlie Brown actually wins one!

La Petite had friends over to her humble apartment to watch the game. She and her roommate decorated in Green and Gold, complete with G-Force signs and Title Towels. Up until kick-off, they pretended their favorite NFC team was playing.

And last but not least, I predict the Packers and the Giants will meet again next year. They're both too good to stay home post-season. No predictions on the outcome or the score, but you know which colors will adorn my fireplace mantle. My Christmas tree. My husband's feet.

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Blogger Club 166 said...

I liked the dalmation training the clydesdale.

This post could have been improved by having an embedded image of Giselle.


2/04/2008 9:47 PM  
Blogger Flea said...

I loved the Richard Simmons commercial. My son liked the talking baby.

And you need an excuse to go to Starbucks?

2/05/2008 7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the balloons--and the Will Ferrill commercial. And the giant rat crashing through the wall for the Doritos.

I'm glad to hear someone else note BB's bad behavior.

College fight song? You are a riot!

2/05/2008 11:54 AM  

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