Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random thoughts on getting a passport renewed

I gathered everything I could possibly need for this application. Birth certificate, driver's license, old passport, marriage license, proof of address, and more. I filled out the written form. I packed my checkbook.

It was much too easy.
When I arrived at the office, the official took my old passport, asked to see my driver's license because my name had changed since the old passport, and that was all she needed.
But did she have to laugh at the photo?
I mean, really, we all looked like that in the late seventies, didn't we? And the worker handling the application was my age, too. I'm sure her picture would have appeared just as dated as mine, if she had one from that era. The hair carefully feathered back from the face, big glasses with the photosensitive lenses (hot technology, it was), not to mention the plaid shirt with the solid color turtleneck under it. Hey, at least it was in black and white. That shirt had some pretty funky colors in it.

So she took my new photo, showed it to me, asked if it was okay (of course), and then took my money and handed over my receipts.
Sorry, I can't post the old photo. The old passport is heading off to visit a few government offices while my new one goes through.
But it could be worse -- it could be my school picture this year! Now that's scary.

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Blogger Club 166 said...

I think they still send the old passport back to you after they pass it around.

Inquiring minds are waiting to see the photo!


2/29/2008 11:44 AM  

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