Thursday, January 03, 2008

Am I repeating myself?

In the process of writing progress reports and reviving myself with a "smooth and nutty" from Starbucks (thanks, Secret Santa, for the gift card!), I'm finding myself writing some of the same phrases over and over. Yikes! It is the character of the class, though.
So far, here's the score.
Easily distracted -- 6
Impulsive, acts before thinking -- 3
Finds transitions difficult -- 4
Social interferes with academic or needs to control excess talking -- 5
Has a hard time working in groups -- 2
Needs reminders to stay on task or follow directions --
Inconsistent effort (translation: quits when things get tough) -- 5

But on the other hand, I've already written "a pleasure to have in class" three times, and it could happen again.
These are just the general comments. I can't wait to get to the "Social Skills/ Work Habits" section!

(However tempting, I haven't reached for the mythical checkbox of "shallow gene pool" or "chaotic home life" yet.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I taught I always wondered if these comments reflected a lack of respect on the students' part, a lack of poor parenting or just the general backsliding of society.

1/04/2008 9:06 AM  

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