Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's all in your (green or gold) perspective

Husband and I have a different perspective on the Packers and their post-season. He's a Packer fan in a way, but he looks at their success from a slightly different angle because he works in television.
Television news in a major NFL market is a whole different, well, ball game from working at a station with no football to cover. For him, an extended post-season is both a blessing and a curse. It means more work, and it means more work. More work means overtime, and more work means overtime. An extended season can also mean travel...unless the Pack manage to earn home field advantage.
Who cares? I hear you wail. Well, here's transcript of a conversation we had less than an hour ago.
Me: It'll be great if they keep winning and get home field advantage through the playoffs.
Husband: No, no, n-n-n-n-n-no!
Me: What? I thought you'd like it because you wouldn't have to travel!
Husband: I don't want to work outside on the sidelines in the freezing cold!
Me: Okay, then you want Dallas to win so that you can work a game in Dallas, instead?
Husband: No, No, n-n-n-n-n-n-no!
Me (confused): Huh?
Husband: I have this fear that the news director is going to look at us engineers and say, 'Erbert, Gerbert, load up the satellite truck and drive it down to Dallas. and when they win? Turn right.' I could be on the road for three weeks! (editor's note: he said "IF they win." I changed it.)
Me: Then you should cheer for the Packers to keep winning. They'll earn home field advantage, and you won't have to travel.
Husband: (speechless, waving arms in air)
Me: I suppose it's a lose-lose situation for you.
Husband: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Blogger Cheryl said...

Guess they've got Dallas, then. I hope Jessica Simpson goes to the game and totally distracts Romo. She should flash him. Yeah. That's right.

12/23/2007 6:03 PM  

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