Monday, July 09, 2007

The good, the bad, and the perspective

We traveled to Chicago to see a White Sox baseball game. Husband likes to drive in and near big cities. If he's in the passenger seat, well, let's say it's not pretty. So...I navigated and watched for signs while he drove. Husband is a train buff and models in HO scale. Chicago is a great city for trainwatching. We were getting close to our designated exit when husband pointed off to the right. I read the signs, "Honey, this is exit 21. We need 27 at least." "No, no. Look at that train!" As we were leaving the park, he pointed again. I looked at the nearest billboard, totally confused. "No, no. The train! Did you see that engine? I have a great picture of that engine. Not just that kind of engine, but that exact engine!"

I guess it's all in your perspective.

Now, the good/bad comparison.
Good: The tickets were free, a prize Amigo won at a minor league game.
Bad: Gas to fill the tank cost more than $3 a gallon.
Good: We visited my brother and stayed overnight with him, went shopping with his wife, played with his cats.
Bad: I'm allergic to cats. Even sweethearts like these three.
Good: He keeps a room cat free so I can sleep without allergy problems. What a considerate little brother!
Good: We picked up a coffeecake from the grocery store for breakfast. They had Husband's favorite steak sauce, so we stocked up. (We can't get it here in the North Country)
Bad: The cats tried to eat the coffeecake.
Good: Haha!! We hid it in the microwave overnight.

Good: The trip to the ballpark was smooth and quick, with no traffic problems.
Bad: We arrived two hours before game time.
Good: We found a good parking space in the handicapped lot, thanks to Amigo's handicap permit.
Good: We had a lot of time to take pictures, put on our sunscreen, and listen to the live music outside the gates. A small band was playing classic tunes by Chicago and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. They made my babyboomer heart very happy.
Bad: It was hot, hot, hot. Amigo doesn't do heat well.
Good: There was a strong breeze.
Bad: They don't call it the Windy City for nothing. The wind snatched both husband's and Amigo's baseball caps, causing a minor panic on Amigo's part.
Good: With my SuperMom reflexes, I caught Husband's flying cap, while La Petite caught Amigo's.
Good: Our seats were in the shade.
Bad: Our seats were extremely high up. Husband doesn't do heights well.
Good: We left after the top of the third inning.
Better: The third inning was the best one, with the Sox scoring like crazy! They won, 6-2.

Score: Good -- 12 Bad -- 7
Good wins! It was a successful road trip.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like mine with the train stuff. We are trying to clear out the basement so he can resurrect his childhood HO set.

I only recently learned when hubby started blogging what a big deal it is to see the exact engine that you have a great picture of. Hubby has an HO version of Amtrak locomotive #47. He was giddy for a week when he saw the real Amtrak #47 pull into town and he happened to have his camera with him.

Yep, only fellow railfan would understand.

7/09/2007 10:41 PM  
Blogger Donetta said...

Glad you got to have a nice family trip. I'm glad the hats were caught!

7/10/2007 12:13 PM  

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