Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Daisy's Top Ten List: #8 is (gulp) True! (so is #9)

8. Whenever possible, I shop early for Christmas. In fact, I've already started.

This is not from uber-organization; it is necessity. Starting at the end of November, we have four birthdays and Christmas all within eight weeks. If I didn't shop ahead/ year round, we'd go broke by February.
What did I buy already? Eat your heart out, family, I'm not telling.

9. I am older than my husband.
His birthday is exactly two weeks after mine. I am two weeks older than he is.
By the way, his mother tells me he was born about two weeks after his due date. Um, honey? About that problem you have with getting places on time? Is it, perhaps, a birth defect? Just kidding. He's not really a chronic latecomer. :)

In between thunderstorms today, I settled in and read more of Harry Potter #5: The Order of the Phoenix. I plan to re-read the entire series before the new one comes out in July. I finished #4 over the weekend, returned it to the library (the only book in the series that I don't own), and started on Harry's adventures before going back to Hogwarts for his fifth year. Thunderstorms are great reading weather. That is, except for the little detail of the power going out before the coffeemaker was done brewing...darn it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! I only got nine correct!

7/05/2007 1:40 PM  

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