Friday, June 29, 2007

Daisy's top ten list: #5 is both true and false.

5. I drive a soccer-mom style minivan and live in a basic three bedroom ranch.

I drive a minivan, but I don't live in a three bedroom ranch.

I gave in and bought the van when La Petite was 14 and we found ourselves car pooling groups of her friends to various places. It comes in handy now when we move her to and from her college dorm room.
The house? We bought an older, character home instead. This one spoke to us the first time we walked through it. It needs a lot of work -- always -- but it's worth it. It's not big, but with the high ceilings and the roomy spaces, it feels big. The neighborhood is lovely, complete with full grown trees. You'd be amazed at how many of La Petite's friends envy our trees! There's enough room for a few pet rabbits.
And the backyard has room for a garden, too. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a home with lots of trees!!! It's so cozy! AS for the minivan Yes We have a DODGE CARAVAN!!

6/29/2007 8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tricky! So I suppose I was half right with my answer!!

7/05/2007 1:38 PM  

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