Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dad's playing in the dirt! Where's Mom?

The vegetable garden may be my "turf", but Husband (despite his complaints about his boring name) is an active participant in the process. He is the best cook in the family, I admit it, and when there are fresh vegetables he will find a delicious way to use them. This weekend, he rented a rototiller and expanded my small garden to, well, at least medium size. I removed as many grass/dirt clumps as I could, replanted the chives I'd moved out of roto-tiller range, and set out my pseudo stepping stones.

My stepping "stones" fall into the category of waste not, want not. After we knocked down an aging fence in the corner of the yard, I used the remaining boards as a walking path. I did the same this year, also incorporating boards left over from our deck remodeling project. They're not beautiful, but they will fade in the sun to match the dirt and to me, that's aesthetically pleasing. The knowledge that I didn't waste money, I re-used something that would have taken up landfill space, and I'm about to plant veggies that will feed my family contributes to the general feeling of well-being that a garden provides.

Now if I can get the fence tight enough to keep those cute little neighborhood bunnies out of my carrots, all will be well with the world.

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