Sunday, March 04, 2007

Humor can raise spirits

This all happened last night when I was overtired from a long, tough week and a long and tiring, though enjoyable, day. Husband has decided he wants a better blog nickname. La Petite was home for the weekend, and she joined in. Amigo (the former El Grande) stayed out of it, listening to a spring training baseball game. The conversation went something like this.

Husband: What's my name on your blog?
La Petite: You're El Husbando.
me: No, it's just Husband.
Husband: Boring. You can do better. I can do better.
La Petite: How about the Mustachio One?
me: What if he shaves?
La Petite: He hasn't been in years, right? Don't worry.
Husband: (grins)
me: There must be something better.
Husband: Kilgore!
me: That's not fun. Not unless you enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning.
Husband: He's cool! He blows things up!
me: How about Tuttle?
Husband: But he's imaginary!
me: He's also cool. The women want to meet him, the men want to be him.
Husband: But he's not real! And everyone important knows he's not real!
me: He's good looking and smart and all those other amazing qualities. You could be Tuttle.
Husband: Let's think of something else.
me: How about something related to your model trains?
La Petite: Mom, don't tell him he has a "cute caboose" again. That's embarrassing.
me: You mean he can't be The Caboose on my blog?
both: No.
Husband: What's the name of the husband in the comic strip "For Better or for Worse?" He's a model train buff.
me: Um, uh, the Mom is Elly, the kids are Michael, Elizabeth, and April, Michael is married to Deanna and has Meredith and Robin... I don't know the dad's name. He's a dentist! I know he's a dentist. And you're not.
Husband (after a brief web search): Listen. "Elly's protagonist, John Patterson..." There you go!
me: La Petite, we found a name. He's my Protagonist.
Husband: No, no, no. I'm John!
me: That's not your name, and it's boring.
Husband: What do you call Husband?

So he still doesn't have a new nickname. I rather like Protagonist, but we'll see.

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Blogger Joy said...

a) i never said that "thats embarrassing" thing, you just think it's funny when you can embarrass me.

b) dad wants to be Dr. Strangelove, only he wears the glove to keep his hand from doing "live long and prosper" instead of ya know, the whole heil hiltler thing.

3/06/2007 6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trivia: When Strangelove is talking about the doomsday device, Turgidson says, "Strangelove. What is that, German?" The reply he receives is "He changed his name; it was originally Merkwurdigliebe." In German Merkwurdigliebe means Strangelove.
Try that, I'll bet he'll love it.

3/15/2007 11:52 PM  

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