Thursday, February 01, 2007

worry is a mother's middle name

I am currently worrying about:
School. Behavior is looking worse and worse. Difficult and defiant acts look more like eighth grade than sixth. Do these kids understand what kind of a life they're creating for themselves and those around them?
Health. I fasted last night and went in for a wellness-sponsored blood draw to get some basic information. I need this information, but I didn't really like taking the time before school or having to skip breakfast this morning, both of which put me late to my desk. Late, that is, in my own terms; I'm never late by the bell.
Family. Health. Foot. This is less worry than last time, now that I have a picture in mind of the long-term treatment options.
Family. Health. Kids. La Petite has had a stomach ache for over a week. She hasn't eaten normally in that time. The nurse on call told her to "Take Tums." Duh. The kid knows that. She called the clinic because basic precautions aren't working. Take her concerns seriously, nursie.
Family. School. Kids. Amigo is having trouble keeping up with his school work, and we're still figuring out why. Teachers don't like it when we suggest strategies, but we have to do something to intervene. He has to do better or he'll end up with no future. No college. Sheltered workshop employment. Trust me, he's too intelligent for that.
Family. Health. Parents. Husband's dad isn't as alert as he used to be. My mom had cataract surgery today on one eye; the other is coming up in two weeks.
Health. Mine. My own cold is making me cough, bark, and hack. I'll use the nebulizer before bed and hope it doesn't make me too hyper to sleep.
Husband and I are wearing out. We're getting pulled in so many different directions that we can't juggle well at all. I know we'll make it through all of these issues, so thanks, blogreaders, for listening. I'm sure my usual humor will return after I get a few nights' sleep and a few good cups of coffee, and after a few items in my juggling act get lighter or go away.


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Blogger kristina said...

It is mine, too----but also hope.

2/01/2007 9:38 PM  

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