Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Random thoughts on Secret Santas

It's Secret Santa time at my workplace, and we really, really get into it. We enlist the building maintenance engineer's help in off-hours deliveries. We leave things in odd places. We get kids to deliver for us. We slip quietly past the door of the recipient, hanging the gift from the doorknob while he or she is teaching. Yesterday, I left a gift on top of the printer that I know my "giftee" uses. I found out when she had art class on and left her gift with the art teacher to be delivered when her class returned to their room.
The wildest and craziest gift delivery had to be the time my friend the music teacher had my name. She convinced the engineer to help her out. In fact, when all was done, I found a polaroid picture of him in his elf hat on my desk. I got in that morning to find a warning sign on my door: "Caution. Deer Droppings Ahead." I opened the door cautiously to find -- "droppings" in the form of chocolate covered raisins, carefully placed in little mounds on small sheets of paper all around the room. It took me half the morning, with students help, to get them picked up. Of course, I shared. It's become part of building legend, much like the banana in the boa.
Our students enjoy this, too. Mine keep asking, "What did you get today? Do you know who has your name? Do you think you know? Do you have any clues?" I have too many suspects; that's the problem! It could be anyone from the music teacher (she loves the same kinds of coffees I've been getting) to the police liaison officer (I caught the secretary delivering, and she's not playing this year). So far my "Santa" has delivered (or had delivered) a different flavor of coffee each day with a pretty seasonal mug. Oh, except for the day the coffee was packaged with a cute cartoon titled "Java Junkie". It looked suspiciously like me. Hmmm: maybe the art teacher? She doesn't drink coffee, but the music teacher is her best friend and could certainly advise.
So far I've unwrapped Chestnuts by the Fire, Hot Butter Rum, and After Dinner Mint. Mmm!
And yes, I'll take pictures of the new mugs to post when the week is over and my Santa is revealed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVED the "deer droppings" bit... I MUST find a way to use that someday.

Enjoyed this post Daisy. Thank you!


12/14/2006 12:38 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

The mugs and coffees sound great and very thoughtful. I'm betting on the music teacher.

12/14/2006 3:23 PM  

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