Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mug shots and Secret Santas

The Secret Santa Saga has ended. It was fun, as always. No Deer Droppings this year (that one is legend now), and no inflatable cows singing "Blooooo Christmas", either, but we did have a good time. I had the name of a first grade teacher, and she came over to my room Friday to tell me how much she enjoyed the gifts and the "chase" to find them at times. Thanks to my Santa, my mug collection has grown, including the "Smart Mug" that was my final gift. I'll probably use it when I'm driving the long roads early Saturday mornings on my way to judge music festivals. Each mug came with at least one flavored coffee, with a final inventory of: Candy Cane, Chocolate Amaretto, Gingerbread, Chestnuts by the Fire, Hot Butter Rum, and After Dinner Mint. (The pig/reindeer behind them is one of my favorite decorations, trying to edge its nose into the picture.) Upon delivery of the last gift, the identity of my Santa was revealed.

It was my boss, the school principal.

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Blogger Mocha said...

Awwww. How fun. Good for you. I never participate for some reason. When I start to see how much fun it is I kick myself for forgetting.

12/16/2006 9:13 PM  

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