Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun on Thursday

You might be a Green Bay Packers fan if one of these flies around your Christmas tree.

When we lived next door to Lambeau Field, watching the blimps was a favorite pastime -- except when they interfered with our television reception. The blimps no longer circle Lambeau, but I'll always remember watching them and watching the small planes that used to drag advertising banners through the air.
This little blimp was a gift, too. Lest you think I am obsessed (well, okay, I am), I didn't buy any of the ornaments featured today or last Sunday. All were gifts, many from students.
Hey, Brett, are you listening? All of Wisconsin is shouting: "One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year! One more year!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunno if Brett has another year in him...

You folks need to let him go, and move on... The Packer Glory Days are over, at least for the time being.

I'm sure they'll be back tho... There's always next year, right?

I can relate, believe me... I'm a life-long Redskins fan. Been a while since WE'VE seen any glory...


12/23/2006 11:16 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

Packer fans are like the makers of the titanic. We worship it. Though it is in fact sinkable, we don't admit it, accept it, or even consider it. When it does fail? We "never let go" Jack, we never let go!

When Favre stops stifarming linebackers, throwing blocks, or trying to tackle the guy that just intercepted him, that means he's given up, and then and ONLY then, will we also give up and move on.

12/24/2006 3:08 AM  

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